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About the network

Data analysis is a powerful tool to solve the climate change and biodiversity emergencies. Different organisations across the world are doing similar work to address those and other pressing environmental issues. A bigger impact can be achieved through learning from each other and fostering collaboration and networking. 

Who we are

We are environmental data experts from a different range of organisations: campaigning groups, charities, academia, businesses, think-tanks, and more. We are passionate about open-source data and the potential this has to bring transformative change. We believe that through collaboration and resource-sharing we can reduce duplication, generate more robust results, and find creative solutions to urgent environmental problems.  

Why join us?

Joining the network is free and open to everyone with an interest in environmental data.  

There are at least three ways in which The Environmental Data Network can benefit your work: 

  • Providing a space for collaboration. By creating a place for organisations to communicate with each other, request help and signpost data products and resources, we allow knowledge to flow all throughout the network and benefit each member of the community.  

  • Connecting with like-minded organisations. We regularly organise networking events, such as show & tell sessions, and joint work events, to encourage cross-organisational collaboration and knowledge sharing.
  • Joining forces. We join voices to campaign collectively for improved access to data and for more data to be made open-source. By working together, we are able to identify data gaps and collaborate on joint funding applications for larger projects.